Pixar’s 22 rules to phenomenal storytelling (click in the pictures to zoom)

aw man, is THIS why all pixar movies are all “grumpy character meets new character, changes his POV while they accomplish a goal” stories? jesus :T

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Name: Andrew
Nickname: People call me Akim
Birthday: June 23
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 5’11”
Time Zone: EST (Rhode Island) PST (California)
What time and date is it there: EST. 12:13 PM.
Average hours of sleep I get each night: 5 hours on average, give or take.  Less during the school year. Somehow I still don’t drink coffee.

The last thing I Googled was: Native American Traditional Clothing. Researching for a project this semester.

My most used phrase(s): ”That’s unfortunate” has become a thing as of late. Usually sarcastic.

First word that comes to mind: Stress. Says a lot about my mental state. And it’s summer for god’s sake.

What I last said to a family member: Okay. Bye.

One place that makes me happy & why: First place that comes to mind is the beach (specifically Salt Creek back home in California).  It’s where I always went to in times of stress and shit. I usually just listen to the waves, feel the sand under my feet and watch the sun go down. It’s calming.

How many blankets I sleep under: One.  I basically throw it off myself at some point in my slumber anyway.
Favorite beverage(s): Non-Alcoholic: Lemonade. Alcoholic: Moscow Mule.

The last movie I watched in the cinema: Guardians of the Galaxy.
Three things I can’t live without: Games, ramen and a sketchbook. Sounds like a good night.

Something I plan on learning: Cutting toxic people out of my life.

A piece of advice for all my followers: Learn to cook. Really cook. Fuck instant Mac-n-Cheese three nights a week and heating leftover Domino’s.  It’s cheaper, healthier and a good way to calm yourself in times of turmoil.

You all have to listen to this song: Golden Brown-the Stranglers

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Why is it that people are willing to spend $20 on a bowl of pasta with sauce that they might actually be able to replicate pretty faithfully at home, yet they balk at the notion of a white-table cloth Thai restaurant, or a tacos that cost more than $3 each? Even in a city as “cosmopolitan” as New York, restaurant openings like Tamarind Tribeca (Indian) and Lotus of Siam (Thai) always seem to elicit this knee-jerk reaction from some diners who have decided that certain countries produce food that belongs in the “cheap eats” category—and it’s not allowed out. (Side note: How often do magazine lists of “cheap eats” double as rundowns of outer-borough ethnic foods?)

Yelp, Chowhound, and other restaurant sites are littered with comments like, “$5 for dumplings?? I’ll go to Flushing, thanks!” or “When I was backpacking in India this dish cost like five cents, only an idiot would pay that much!” Yet you never see complaints about the prices at Western restaurants framed in these terms, because it’s ingrained in people’s heads that these foods are somehow “worth” more. If we’re talking foie gras or chateaubriand, fair enough. But be real: You know damn well that rigatoni sorrentino is no more expensive to produce than a plate of duck laab, so to decry a pricey version as a ripoff is disingenuous. This question of perceived value is becoming increasingly troublesome as more non-native (read: white) chefs take on “ethnic” cuisines, and suddenly it’s okay to charge $14 for shu mai because hey, the chef is ELEVATING the cuisine.

Ink on Paper

time to get off the digital trip after two years or so


Hello everyone!  Just here to announce that I just opened up an INPRNT shop!  You can now buy some of the Starman art I have been posting up and there is free worldwide shipping until Sunday!  Thank you all for supporting this series and I hope to make even more new content to share with you!

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